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Friendly Boris Motivational by MetroXLR Friendly Boris Motivational :iconmetroxlr:MetroXLR 17 3
Semi-Emergency Commissions Maybe?
I am never really fond of the idea of asking for money without doing anything... And it isn't like that the money is a super emergency thing, but any commissions will help in the long run. 
I have been recently working on paying off several bills these past few months. Quite a few of them getting down to the last bits, including my student loan! But now it seems like the timing has been where once I get the bills payed, something else comes up. Majorly Panini's upcoming trip to the vet and Daisho Con. I want to try and work on paying for these without burning my checkbook out or piling up my credit card bills further.
I will mainly be having sketch commissions. Payments will be accepted via Paypal only. No dA points.
Simple Character sketches will be $5.
Additional Characters will be $2 each.
More Detailed Characters will be $8.
Additional Characters being $3 each.

Please note me with the subject line "Sketch Commission" if you are interested.
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you are not alone by briannacherrygarcia you are not alone :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 14,499 2,032 Elegance by Kryseis-Art Elegance :iconkryseis-art:Kryseis-Art 382 26 Dama Cuervo by DenysDigitalArtwork Dama Cuervo :icondenysdigitalartwork:DenysDigitalArtwork 188 0
So you want to buy minky
I get asked this question alot and I promised a guide a while back but I'm just now getting around to making it! Here is a list of websites where you can buy minky fabric for your projects! - search cuddle 3 - search for Soft n Comfy - Australia
Land of Oh Etsy -
Ebay links!
Igloo0203 - - This seller has a wide color selection and the minky comes in 3mm and 5mm pile! She's located in Korea and shipping usually takes about 2 weeks, or at least that is when my orders arrive.
KYcutters - - They sell Benartex Minkee Gelat
:iconplanetplush:PlanetPlush 576 103
Artist Board Meeting by OhDormouse Artist Board Meeting :iconohdormouse:OhDormouse 1 0
Ready to Check in?
I know I've only told you guys I have a job to do, but I never told you what exactly I do. And since Disney has released their trailer recently, I can announce my surprise!
So HERE IT IS, I'm working as a storyboard revisionist for Hotel Transylvania The Series! Please do support this show when it comes out, it's fun and it's a prequel of the first two movies, hence Mavis looks quite younger than she is in the movies.
It's fun working for this show! ^w^
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Swan's Last Dance by Methyss Swan's Last Dance :iconmethyss:Methyss 72 12 Com 4: Styx and Celeste by Katzyrine Com 4: Styx and Celeste :iconkatzyrine:Katzyrine 319 12 Gotham Police and Batman by MetroXLR Gotham Police and Batman :iconmetroxlr:MetroXLR 12 12 Cult of the Catacombs by Taylor-Denna Cult of the Catacombs :icontaylor-denna:Taylor-Denna 80 15 Strawberry Shortcake by DAV-19 Strawberry Shortcake :icondav-19:DAV-19 4,186 276 Tiramisu by DAV-19 Tiramisu :icondav-19:DAV-19 3,777 217 BATIM: Alice Angel Pagedoll (FTU) by xGGlitch BATIM: Alice Angel Pagedoll (FTU) :iconxgglitch:xGGlitch 463 45 Gingerbread Easter Box by GingerbreadFairy Gingerbread Easter Box :icongingerbreadfairy:GingerbreadFairy 219 13


Bubbles and Boomer in Little Red Riding Hood
This is for the contest:

The story of Little Red Riding Hood was my favorite when I was younger.

The story has many variations, but the ending is always the same.
The Hunter rescues Little Red and her Granny and murders the wolf by cutting open his stomach while he's sleeping, places boulders inside, and sews the wolf back up.
The wolf wakes up and cannot run away.
He ends up dying.

Unless you are familiar with the Grimm version ending where nobody saves Little Red from the Wolf, then that's a different story entirely. ^^'

Anywho, I decided for this contest I should use Bubbles (Little Red Riding Hood) and Boomer (the Wolf).
Bubbles fits the character of Little Red, while I thought Boomer will look cute in a wolf costume. XD

In this ending tho, Little Red and the Wolf end up being best friends instead.
So no wolf murder. XD

Bubbles (Little Red) and Boomer (Wolf) are having a picnic in the woods after Little Red finishes her delivery to Grandma.
They have fun and get to know each other.
The Wolf puts a flower in Little Red's hair.
And then happily ever after. :3

@ The Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles, and Boomer belong to Craig McCracken.@
@ Little Red Riding Hood belongs to the Grimm Brothers.@
Alice Angel
What a wild ride Chapter Two was. @_@

So I decided to draw this beautiful angel. She's the new character called Alice Angel.
Adorable, huh?

Improvised and added a few details of my own. ;)

This shall be my first fanart of this character or anything Bendy and the Ink Machine related.
May draw more art of this little beauty.

@ Bendy and the Ink Machine, Alice Angel, and other characters belong to TheMeatly.@


Matilda Jennings, the secretary of Joey Drew and part-time babysitter, rushed to Joey Drew's office.

"I'm here, sir! Is there any more paperwork to file out? Any animators sleeping on the job that I must wake up? Should I call a mechanic to fix a broken pipe from the Ink Machine?"

"No. No. And absolutely not! If the Ink Machine is broken, only I will fix it.
Right now, it's fine," grumbled Joey.

"Oh, so why did you call me then?" Matilda pulled back a lock of her black hair from her eyes and placed it behind her ear.
She sat down in a chair as she fixed her glasses.

Joey Drew, a man with copper brown hair and bags under his green eyes, waited for her attention.

"I want you to get a coffee for me. Black. No cream or sugar."

"Oh, right. Will that be all, sir?"

"Yes. Now get to it!"

"Yes sir." Matilda rushed out of the office.

It had been like...28 years since Henry Johnson, the co-creator, left Sillyvision Studios.
Matilda was a new employee at the time, and she still remembered how kind and generous he was.
He would help her with some of her job duties that she didn't know how to do and encouraged her to do her best.

Two months later, he left the studio for some unknown reason.
Now Matilda worked under Joey Drew years later.
Sure Joey was becoming harsh on people, but no reason to complain, right?
He only wanted the best out of his staff and animators.

Matilda felt that as years went by, Joey was becoming rather strange.
Everyone felt it too. But nothing can top what happened after when Mr. Drew came in with a strange machine.
He said it was an Ink Machine that will produce ink, but that was not the end of it.
He also introduced Bendy and Boris to everyone.

Yes, somehow Joey brought to life two of his studio's famous cartoon stars. Literally.

It was strange meeting them at first, but everyone got used to them.
Well, sort of.

Bendy the little demon acted very much like a bratty child, similar to his personality in his cartoons. He sometimes drove everyone crazy with his antics.
Oh, the little devil loved to play pranks on everyone.
What's even worse, Matilda was placed as his CARETAKER.
Matilda had to "babysit" him to prevent him from taking his antics too far to the point where he might hurt someone.

And there was Boris the wolf.
Sure he wasn't the brightest tool in the shed, but he was very kind.
Everyone liked him for being less rowdy than Bendy.
But everyone's opinion of him changed when they found out how troublesome he was.
Poor Boris was very clumsy to the point where he would destroy furniture and other studio sets.
Well, that was his character in the cartoon shorts.

It wasn't all that bad at Sillyvision Studios, except for the hard work involved and the cartoon shorts not meeting their deadlines.
There was constant complaints about the Ink Machine being too noisy, and producing too much ink.

Well, got to make the best of it all, right?

Matilda went into the studio's kitchen where the employees take their breaks.
What met her there was none other than Bendy the devil himself.

"Hey there, Matilda," said the little devil in his high-pitched Southern accent voice, "Just makin' coffee for ya so ya can give it to Joey."

"Thank you, Bendy. But how did you-" "Oh I overheard Joey done wanted some coffee."

He was being unusually generous.
Matilda looked at the cup on the table. It was on a silver platter with the lid next to it. The coffee was black and steaming.

Bendy smiled and said, "Well? I did a darn good job, right?"

It had a nice aroma, so it must be coffee.

"Well? Go give it to him."

"Right. Thank you Bendy." Matilda carefully took the platter and lid and went straight to Joey's office.

"Careful! It's awful hot, and it may stain yer clothes," Bendy shouted after her.


Matilda walked right into Joey's office and placed the platter down.
"Your coffee, sir."

"Thank you, Ms. Jennings."

"Sir, just call me Matilda. I've been working for years with you. I don't think you need to be formal."

"I call you what I want to call you," grumbled Joey.

"Right, sir. It was only a suggestion."

Matilda sat down as Joey removed the lid and carefully picked up his cup.
He took a small gulp of coffee as he watched his frantic secretary fidget with her glasses.
He scrunched up his face in disgust.

"Ms. Jennings, this coffee tastes horrible! What kind of coffee beans did you use?"

Matilda jumped up out of her seat.

"C-coffee beans? I-I mean, we use the same kind every time we make coffee."

Joey sniffed the cup.

"It has a funny taste and smell. Like it's actually INK."


Joey placed his pinky finger in the cup and began to wipe it on the papers in front of him.

"It stains my skin and writes like ink. Definitely ink. How did you make this "coffee" Ms. Jennings?"

Joey stared at Matilda with a mixture of disgust and disapproval on his face.

"I-I-I didn't make it, sir," stuttered Matilda.

"Who, then?"

"I-It was Bendy, sir. He wasn't being the usual mischief-maker, and he was being nice when he offered it to me. I'M SORRY, SIR! I DID NOT KNOW!"
Matilda covered her face with her hands and started apologizing profusely.

"Ms. Jennings, that was your only job. To keep Bendy from making mischief."

"Yes I know, but I was so sure it wasn't a trick this time. I'M SORRY!"

Joey began to cough. He saw his tongue stained black.

"Ms. Jennings, I have new job for you. Take me to the doctor, immediately! I don't feel so good!"

"Yes, sir. Right away, sir!"

Matilda took Joey by the arm and led him out of the office, the studio, and into his car, spouting out apologies and telling the animators to go home for the day.

Back in Joey's office, a certain little devil snuck in and sat in Joey's chair.

"Hmm, it's not awful bad. It's only 5% water this here time," giggled Bendy as he sipped from the coffee cup.
Here is my first fanfic of Bendy and the Ink Machine.

I took a different perspective approach.
This will be about the events leading up to the First Chapter.
Basically after Henry left.
Shenanigans and hijinks ensue. ;)

Feedback and constructive criticism are appreciated.

@ Bendy and the Ink Machine and its characters belong to TheMeatley@

Matilda Jennings the secretary belongs to me. (I made her.)

(I made up Henry's last name since he didn't had one.)

Note: This shall remain to be a pilot of some sort to the actual story.
Stay tuned for it! :)


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